RPG Groups

Tabletop Tutorials

Interested in learning or playing tabletop games? Not sure what you like and don't like? Then our tabletop tutorials group is a great introduction to the world of tabletop games. 

Over the course of the 8 weeks, we will introduce you to a variety of fun tabletop games, all offering opportunities to develop critical skills for initiating and maintaining positive social interactions, connecting with peers/players and participating in a safe, collaborative setting. 

This 8-week session is facilitated by NerdEd. in partnership with board-certified behavior analysts at RelatABAle Resources to guide game development to meet the social needs of each player. 

Coming Summer 2020

Sign-Up Information and Registration Links coming soon

4C Campaigns

For our more seasoned RPGer's (tabletop role-playing gamers), our 4C Campaigns may be right up your alley!

Using tabletop role-playing games, NerdEd. founder and GM Carlos Cerda will weave his storytelling craftsmanship and worldbuilding techniques to create a safe space for players to explore the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. 

These skills will be addressed throughout the 10-week campaign sessions for players ages 16-25.

Players' adventures and role-playing activity will be a comprehensive experience, designed with behavior-analytic strategies embedded by the behavior analysts at RelatABAle Resources.

Coming Summer 2020

Sign-Up Information and Registration Links Coming Soon!